Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yaaay. I got finally got a new avatar:-)))

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cool, one posting a month, and I will be done in 2 years. Way to go, Olga!!!

Thing 3

Oh my god, this is what happens when you don't keep up with your blog. I just spent the last 15 minutes trying to remember where to go and what my password was. Results? A mad blogger and a broken keyboard...Just kidding :-) I just hope I won't forget it anymore.

Back to thing 3. Seems like I always like to right about things that are absolutely not to the point. Just like what happens when you're trying to get ready for a final. Everything around the house gets done, even that corner, where you would hide the mess (starting from the end of the previous semester). You see...I am not writing what I am supposed to. Just like in the story "Leda and the Swan".

BACK TO THING 3. By the way I am skipping thing 2 for now, hope to get back to it later. Anyways I created a Google reader account and subscribed to a couple of news, some blogs, and craigslist (trying to find a car there). Found the last part pretty convenient. It saves so much time, just because everything you need is in one place. Since I already know the websites, I just added the in the subscription box. Veeery easy. However, I am so used to going through the same routine of checking my favourite web-sites every day, so I think it will be quite hard for me to switch to the new way. I'll wait and see and keep you informed:-)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Thing 1
Even though I registered my blog quiet a while ago I didn't have enough time to learn the 23 things much less post anything in my blog, which is honestly speaking is not going to be my favorite part about the whole experience!
But anyways, here I am, posting my first accomplishment - Thing 1. (I wish i could say "At least I am half way though" but I guest it's not going to happen for a while)
And by the way, I should probably change my avatar, 'cause I kind of look different now. At least i have to change my hair color to blond (...who am I trying to fool, it's yellow, even orange looking, the consequence of dieing my hair at home).

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nusss, na4nem!

Hotelos' by na4at' s positiva, no pohozhe ne polu4itsya. Sizhu na rabote, nikogo ne trogayu, gry3u honey roasted arahis, i vot na tebe: "So3daj blog, pou4astvuj v programme". I ni figa ved' ne otdelaesh'sya, pridetsya pisat', a to eshyo kak oby4no 3astavyat myshki 4istit' ili eshyo huzhe, otmyvat' stul'ya ot krovavyh pyaten balbesok-studentok! I o 4em tol'ko dumayut! Pryamo toshnit' na4inaet.
LAdno, nado tak nado. Vse ravno ni figa ne pojmut o 4em ya tut pishu.

P.S. Nadeyus' eta 3apis' tak i ostanetsya edinstvennoj.